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Each Ava will be trained to tailor-fit your business needs.

Have you been spending a good amount of money to  Market your Brand but doesn’t have verified and validated figures of what you are exactly getting in return? Do you know what is your current conversion and ROI (Return of Investment)? Or how is it compared to previous months or years?

Knowing the numbers behind your business is essential because it will help you make informed decisions that has direct impact not only on your growth and goals but on your business as a whole.


Delivering great customer experience with each interaction increases consumers loyalty and the likelihood of gaining repeat customers. It does not only shape their demand of your brand;  it also directly influences their buying decisions.

Thus, Customer Experience Optimization is essential because it builds solid reputation that drives revenue and generates more loyal customers.



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Ava provides the same type of support as a personal assistant or office assistant; however, they are not physically located in your office. Any tasks covered in your subscribed package can be delegated to your Ava.

Ava work conventional business hours, Monday through Fridays, following your preferred time zone. You can submit your tasks anytime, day or night, weekday or weekend. If submitted before/after business hours, your Ava will receive the task(s) the following business day to begin working on them.

If you need assistance on the weekends or on holidays, reach out to your assigned Project Manager and they will arrange support for your business.

We promote integrity and trust and we aim to work with our clients with that same foundation and commitments. In line with these commitments, we measure performance not by the hours worked but by output and the quality of work.

Moreover, each Ava is highly trained professional, with strong work ethics and self-discipline, who values and deeply appreciates mutual trust and committed to take responsibility on every task and to deliver what is expected from them to the best of their ability.

Upon initiation of client support activation request, your designated Project Manager will nominate an Ava that perfectly matches your skill requirements. The resume of the nominated Ava will then be forwarded to your email so you’ll get a chance to review their profile, professional experience, work accomplishments and personal assessment result before onboarding and activation. Onboarding will take place once your support activation request is approved and activated.

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